Oakland International Airport (OAK)
History, Facts and Overview

(Oakland, California - CA, USA)

Built and opened in the year of 1927, Oakland Airport has played an important part in the history of aviation, being the starting point of legendary pioneer Amelia Earhart's last ever flight here in 1937. By the early 1940s, Oakland Airport had become an important military base, with all scheduled flights transferred to the up-and-coming San Francisco Airport.

By the mid-1940s, many major airlines were once again operating here, including American Airlines. In 1962, Oakland Airport opened a new terminal, which was built to accommodate large jet planes at a cost of around $20 million. In the late 1970s and after the Vietnam War, Oakland International Airport (OAK) opened a second $16-million terminal and in the next decade, a large FedEx cargo station, which has grown to be one of the busiest and most important freight terminals in America.

There are ATMs spread across the two terminals at Oakland International Airport and Wi-Fi access is also available. A good selection of shops can be found onsite, with most being situated in Terminal 1, while a range of eateries are located in both terminals, such as Destination OAK and the Bay Café, which provide hot drinks, sandwiches, pastries and cakes. Laptop plug-in zones are also available in both terminals.

Those with time on their hands may like to play a round at the Metropolitan Golf Links course, which is adjacent to Oakland Airport. With 18 scenic holes and exceptional views across San Francisco Bay, golf club rental is free of charge. Also of interest and situated on the airport's North Field, the Oakland Western Aerospace Museum offers an array of information about the region's history of aviation and the future of space travel.

Oakland Airport OAK

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